Superman Samuel and the Tiny Yogis


yogatoesThis Thursday was the last day of my kids yoga summer camp.  It is the first time I have offered a camp and I hope to continue this new tradition next year.  I love teaching kids yoga, but honestly, it is exhausting.  I like things to be quiet and orderly, and kids are just the opposite of that!  Each child I meet has an especially bright light, they are amazing creatures and I learn so much from each one of them.

One of my 10 tiny yogis was Sam.

Sam’s mom introduced herself to me in a Sunday morning vinyasa flow class I was teaching.  She had heard me mention the Kids Yoga Summer Camp and was wondering if her son could attend.  When she started to talk about Samuel she had that look that most of us moms get when we talk about our kids.  She smiled brightly and I could see nothing but love and pride for her child as she explained to me that Samuel was actively being treated for Leukemia at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee.   I told her that yoga is noncompetitive and easily adapted for all.  I would be happy to have him join our class.  Her expression did not change as she went on to tell me that she is not from Cedarburg (her parents are here) and they have moved here to get Samuel the treatment he needs.  That treatment includes a chest catheter and chemotherapy.  As a mom, I was amazed at how she could tell me all this with a smile.  Phyllis is an amazing mom, and Sam turned out to be an amazing yogi.

Sam kept me on my toes, but not how you might think.  The only modification he required for practicing yoga was no poses on his belly (it squished his catheter).  He asked me questions constantly!  He was always coming up with another way to look at something.  I would say do “this” and he would say, can we do that and then do this, this, and this other thing.  My answers were mostly, yes, why not!

My other tiny yogis made fast friends with eachother and Sam.  They each brought their own light and beautiful personalities.  Elle, Jessi, Isabela, Allison, Abigail, Sophia, Tayten, Jake, Michael and Sam all made my summer a little warmer (and louder).  Namaste  little ones.

Read more about Sam and see pictures at his mom’s blog:


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