Upcoming Classes  :

Monday and Tuesday 6am – 9:15am Mysore – YogaOne Cedarburg
Tuesday  6:00 PM Basics –  YogaOne Cedarburg
Tuesday  7:30 PM Level 1-2  – YogaOne  Cedarburg

New!  Yoga at Crossfit Unbroken in Cedarburg

Monday and Wednesday:  8pm
Wednesday:  8am
Sunday:  8am

Mixed Level classes $10 per class — www.crossfitunbroken.com

Workshops / Special Events

Private Instruction
In-Home or Studio
Appropriate for students new to yoga or those who prefer to deepen their practice with private instruction. Semi-private sessions available for small groups as well.

Corporate Classes
Give your employees the added benefit of on-site yoga classes.

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  1. Hi Paula, Just glancing at the schedule for tomorrow. You are teaching at Form and Fitness at 9:30. Correct? No yoga in the park tomorrow, right?

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